Thursday, April 12, 2012

Poppies of Spring

March is a good month for exploring the intermediate desert areas of Arizona. We went on two day trips up the Gila River on gorgeous days. As usual I took lots of pictures. The poppies were blooming on all the hillsides blanketing their virtually treeless expanses with gold.
This view shows the western end of the Gila Box National Conservation Area. It is a Riparian area that is vital to wildlife of many types. The Gila River is in a canyon hidden from view at this angle but tall Cottonwood trees with their chartreuse leaves can be seen in the lower quarter of the picture. The trees are on the river bank.

Spring is wonderful here. Summer, eh, not so much. (I am not a heat lover...)

Path leading to the Gila River in the Gila Box, 2 March 2012.