Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Books & Horses

Books are my friends. They wait for me indefinitely, on the shelf, on the end table, on the night stand. Sometimes they wait so long that they get dust on them. They don't mind. I love them, old and new. Some books I read twice. Maybe more. I like clever fiction. Margaret Atwood wrote a book about a book within a book. I loved "The Blind Assassin". I may read it again. Silverfish live with me too, no doubt, although I rarely see them.

Today I bought a horse book for one of my granddaughters. It isn't her birthday. She doesn't even live in Arizona. But if her girl's heart is anything like mine was at her age, a horse book is a door to love. The lifelong love of horses, in the flesh, in film, and on the printed page. Maybe today we can add the electronic horse. Proudly strutting forth on PC screens. I need to put more photos of horses in my blog. After all, what is a ranch without horses?

A double barrel cactus horse ranch? Hay, that would make a good title for...


BarnGoddess said...

I have a life long love of horses too. I cannot remember a day ever in my life that horses were not a part of. I am a lucky woman!

As a girl, I read every horse book, saw every horse movie atleast 2 or more times! Your granddaughter is a lucky girl : ))

guile said...

blind assassin.. i love that book :)..