Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Broken Trail

I've never done a movie review. Here is my first.

Robert Duvall has done an outstanding acting job in another western film that was broadcast on the AMC network. Adapted from the book of the same name, Broken Trail was aptly named and expertly filmed. The horses and scenery were breath-taking. At times the actor's words were hard to follow, sort of like real life. After all, gruff old cowboys haven't normally been to oratory school. But there were some real gems in the language. Listen close and you'll be rewarded. In the end, true to any good western movie, the bad guys lose. And you feel like your team has just won a world championship. Very satisfying entertainment.


Steve Austin said...

Have you read the book?? If not, you need to do so quickly. Not only is the book more fast-paced than the terrific movie, it introduces more characters and more characterization than the move. It is a perfect summer read. Loved the movie, really loved the book!

occam said...

Books are always better than the movie. But no, I haven't read the book... Yet!