Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Today I signed up on a service that promises that I will get postcards from around the world. It is called "Postcrossing" and I've been assigned to send a postcard to Finland and Germany. I hope it works. I like postcards. Whenever I travel I send at least a dozen. And I frequently receive them from a traveling cousin. This postcrossing is random and has a sense of suspense about it. Will I really get a postcard back? Will they be decent, respectable people?

I love to receive personal mail and have a pocketful of penpals that I write. Many are turning to email these days though. It is faster, and cheaper. But I can't hold it in my hand when I open my mailbox out on the road. I'm not challenged to puzzle out their handwriting. What stamp is on the envelope? Is there a sticker or other art attached? Are there pictures I can savor~ instead of "save" in my cyberspace file? Is there a Friendship Book enclosed? Used stamps to add to my collection? A newspaper clipping enclosed? How is it folded? Is the paper plain or fancy? No doubt about it, real paper mail is more personal than email. So I am hoping, hoping that postcrossing really works.


Anonymous said...

Hello, i think you' ve got sent me a postcard to germany, Osterby! She is arrived! Postcrossing goes! Myself becomes in 4 weeks 14 Postcards! It's a nice thing to learn about other peoples and their Countrys! I love Postcrossing! I'll wish you a happy Postcrossing! Bye, Julia

Cameraman said...

How are you doing on your postcard collecting, Carol? What are the stories on those?

Did you know that my business partner and I design postcards with photos that we take in our county? They will soon be sold in two or three stores around town!