Friday, September 08, 2006

September 26th

All my life I have lamented the dearth of people also born on my birthday. I've never met a person who shares the same date with me. But thanks to the wonders of the Internet I have found some birthday twins:
  • 1888 t.s.eliot -American writer
  • 1889 Martin Heidegger -German philosopher (where I get my angst from?)
  • 1981 Serena Williams -Tennis player.

The list of famous people who have died on my birthday also is singular:

  • 1820 Daniel Boone -Frontiersman
  • 1763 John Byron -English Poet
  • 1952 George Santayana -Writer and Philosopher.

The list seems heavily weighted to writers and philosophers. Since I fancy myself a bit of an amateur writer and an even more amateurish philosopher, maybe there is something to this "birthdate as an influence" over one's life. The planets were aligned in such and such a manner. Ooops! Pluto is no longer a planet, have to re-write everyone's astrological predictions. Well, seriously I haven't any angst over astronomy. It's all fanciful.


Anonymous said...

Well,there is even a pope among your birthday twins....
Greetings, Dorothea

Cameraman said...

I noticed on your profile that you are a Libra. I am too! My birthday comes up on September 24th. When is yours?


Richard said...

Oops! I must be going blind to not have noticed your birthdate at the top of this post!

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!