Saturday, December 08, 2007


We adopted this partbred German Shepherd from the Humane Society Shelter. She was close to going to puppy heaven. I've never had such a loyal, sweet dog. She even likes the cat. Amazing. She's had some health problems but once she is over them, I hope she'll live a long, healthy life. Welcome to the Double Barrel Ranch, Keesha.


Katie said...

She's so cute! I wish you all a wonderful time together - so glad you're family now! :-)

Assrot said...

You know in my younger days I used to buy only purebred dogs. For the last 20 years or so I have always adopted from an Animal Rescue of some kind or other.

Those rescue dogs have always made the best and most loyal pets.

I rescued a tiny kitten from a tree after one of the 2004 hurricanes down here and bottle fed him for a couple of weeks until he could eat solid food.

I've never cared much for cats but he is my best buddy now. He thinks he is a dog. He has grown up around my 4 dogs and never been around other cats.

The dogs love him and play with him just like he's one of them. When they sleep at nght the all sleep in a pile and the cat sleeps right in the middle of them.

I think you probably got yourself a loyal and faithful friend for life. I hope his health improves and everything works out for you and the dog.