Monday, April 28, 2008

Barbaro (2003-2007)

I thought I would honor the late Kentucky Derby winner, Barbaro, today since the Run For the Roses this year is almost upon us. His struggle has enlightened the public to pressure for more research toward eliminating reasons for horses breaking down during races.

I've been to a dozen race meets in my life. I've never seen a horse break down during a race. I hope I never do. But it is bad enough to see on TV.

Barbaro won the 132nd running of the Kentucky Derby last year. Two weeks later, during the Preakness race he broke his leg in more than 20 places.

I don't know who took this spectacular photo. But to me, it combines the elements of the thrill of the race, the historic component with the Twin Spires of Churchill Downs, and the extreme popular interest with the jammed grandstand.

"To the victor go the spoils!"

Rest In Peace, Barbaro.


Taxingwoman said...

I don't know very much about horses but don't race horses have very delicate legs? Great photo.

occam said...

I'm not that good at mathmatics,and physics, but I believe that when a horse is pushing off with only one leg on the ground, you multiply the horse's weight times 4 and that gives you the stress being put on one leg. If your average racehorse weighs, oh - say 1200 pounds- then each leg is pushing almost 2 1/2 tons of body at speeds of 25 to 30 MPH. Thoroughbred horse legs have no fat. They look delicate, but I wouldn't call something that can easily push 2 1/2 tons very delicate. If anyone can correct my math, please do...

Taxingwoman said...

Hope you aren't too sad about what happened at the Kentucky Derby.
I was so shocked when I read about.