Monday, May 26, 2008

Mother Nature Ends Fire

The fire wrapped itself up on May 23 because of the wet weather. A rare cold, wet system moved across Arizona dropping temperatures to near historic lows. Snow fell in the mountains, including Mt Graham. Snow fell just above the fire line, and over an inch of rain fell on the fire area itself. Occam has lived here 20 years and she has never seen snow in May, especially late May. She quipped to someone: Global Warming? But she read in the paper this morning that lately temperatures are actually running cooler than normal all across the country. Maybe the world. Does this mean that we are warming in reverse? What? Today the visible snow melted off the peak in the warming breezes. The dirt road portion of Swift Trail, as the mountain road is called, was never reopened after the fire because of the snow. Perhaps it will open tomorrow, now that the Holiday Weekend is finished. Our thanks go to the firefighters who did the best they could in the very difficult terrain of the Frye Mesa fire. Officially they are calling it 3100 acres burned. I'm sure they are at another fire somewhere now, maybe California. Our disaster has been averted, other areas are less fortunate.


Rising Rainbow said...

I don't know I'm confused about global warming too when it seems that the weather has gotten cooler than normal.

wcgillian said...

I am here because you listed Man from Snowy River as a favorite. I have been reading your blog and find them interesting. I live in Montana and it seems like spring had a very hard time finding its way. I work on the North Slope in Alaska and it is not rushing into summer here either. I think the term should be climate change not warming! I just did a piece about the man that came up with the idea of Man from Snowy River. I invite you to take a look. "Lovick's Line is the title of that story.