Saturday, January 01, 2011

Dried Out Days

What has been happening at the Double Barrel Ranch for the last couple months? Darned if I know.

Actually, the weather grew cooler, days grew shorter. Horses grew their hair longer. African Aloe and Cassia bushes began to bloom about 10 weeks too early. (Due to unseasonable warmth.) Palo Verde trees got pruned because visitors had to duck to reach the front door. Even now visitors over 6 feet (1.82 meters) must watch their scalps. I like the “bower” or arboreal shelter effect.

A pack rat nest located along the driveway was dismantled and burned. The residents having been foreclosed on, or moved away for greener pastures. The summer overgrowth of vegetation totally dried out and since no rain fell for 11 weeks, it stood in brown skeletons, shin high. See photo above.

An impressive new 4 line clothesline was built beyond the pool fence. It is a longer walk to hang the laundry; however, the wood-burning stove smoke won’t be able to “scent” the clothes.

The vegetable garden was inoculated with manure. Wonder where that came from?

Deer hunting, as well as the Black Bear pursuit came up empty. It looks like the spare freezer will be empty soon and can be decommissioned. Although the husband unit has returned to the mountain for the January archery deer hunt, so there is still hope for fresh venison. The Double Barrel Ranch prefers wild game due to the purity and leanness of the meat.

And so a new year begins. And with a very fun numerical date: 1-1-11.

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