Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mail Art

I have been decorating envelopes on my personal out-going mail for awhile now. So imagine my surprise to find out that this activity has a name: mail art. I'm not very gifted but it is fun. So I will subscribe to the statement that if I say it is art, then it is art. Above is an envelope I did for my brother who is returning from vacation. There is a group on the Web for aficionados. I believe it is called IUOMA, International Union Of Mail Artists. They are all MUCH better artists than me.

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sharon said...

welcome to iuoma, carol! nice blog...and a very nice envelope, too, i must say. i'll bet he loved it! i tend to not think of art in terms of better than or worse than, but rather in terms of different. and that's one of the things i love most about mail art. it is so egalitarian - everyone can do it, and do it well!