Sunday, March 07, 2010


As a late winter storm approaches, I sit safely indoors and reminisce about horses who've gone before me.

Above is my first horse, Hobie, a buckskin Quarter Horse gelding. (1974 - 1989.)

Here in the snow of northern Pensylvania is Echo, a grey 3/4 Arabian mare. (1972 - 1987)

And finally is Padron's Sasha. An Arabian mare of the finest pure blood. Sasha left me too soon. (1987 - 2008.)

To all these, and Mike (Maika) of whom I have written before, I salute you, my big-hearted friends. Your loyalty will never be forgotten.


Ana said...

is that you on the first picture? its a really nice one

Taxingwoman said...

What beautiful Horses! You must miss them.
Good postcard material (hint, hint)


occam said...

Yes, that is me riding Hobie and Sasha.
Postcard material?
Oh no, I am much too modest.