Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wishes Do Come True

I heard that the actor Peter Graves died today. Although he was famous for his role in the comedy movie “Airplane!” and for the TV show “Mission: Impossible,” I remember him first from a Saturday morning kids TV show called “Fury.”

Fury was a black stallion owned by a widower (played by Graves). But the horse’s main companion was a boy named Joey. As I sat in my Eastern US city, how I wished I was living on a ranch with a black stallion like Joey!

Other Saturday shows I enjoyed, from which you may be able to guess my age, were: Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Sky King, Roy Rogers, Cisco Kid, The Lone Ranger, and My Friend Flicka. All had something to do with life in the Western US, dogs or horses or all three.

Is it so remarkable that I live in the Western US, have a Rin Tin Tin dog and 2 horses?

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sharon said...

gauging by that list, i'd say we're contemporaries. i LOVED "fury!" graves will be sorely missed...isn't living your dream wonderful?