Saturday, December 17, 2005

Mongrel yips

Two days ago my back "went out on me". I don't know the proper medical term for it. A spasm? A cramp? Whatever it is, it lasts a few days, giving me a lot of grief, then it goes, as mysteriously as it came. Years ago I tried a chiropractor for it and nothing changed. Not heat nor ice, nor rest nor exercise, nothing has any effect. Oh well. C'est ma vie! I just assume that everyone has some pain in their life. Migraines for instance. I've never had one. Would love it if I went to the grave ignorant of them.

We are caring for a mongrel pup while its' owners are on vacation. My own dogs were gracious to accept their cousin into their home turf. I enjoy watching them interact. Mankind was very smart to domesticate animals. Not only for nutritional reasons and work purposes but for entertainment. I pity folks with allergies to pet hair. They miss the personal relationships. My horses, dogs, cat and rabbit provide a lot of diversion.

When I was travelling the continent and meeting people face-to-face, I lost touch with blogs I read. Good grief! The real world interfered with my fake world! Well, not actually fake. Real life is contributed to from many sources: novels, lies, fantasy, chemicals in the brain, mass media, etc. I think my life is run by vision. I can't predict where this vision is going to take me next. I wouldn't want to know. That would take the adventure out of it. If your life is not an adventure, then I'm sorry. Maybe it is the mongrel in me. The Internet let me out of my cage. So many words, so little time.

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