Sunday, November 06, 2005

Command and Control

I am now going to wrap up my comments on the poverty mindset, also discussed on Oct 23rd: Fistful of Dollars, and Oct 30: Divine Comedy. According to the biblical account, on the 6th day God told man to take dominion over the animals. I know some animal rights people are going to scream at that one. But I have no problem ruling over the beasts. If I am on a nature hike and a wolf attacks a child, I have no qualms about using my revolver to blow its furry, fanged head off. People first. I also believe in fair chase hunting. For a number of years I raised sheep and rabbits for food. I believe in using science to create better agricultural crops, to cure plant and animal diseases, and to control fishing for sustainable harvests. So as a step to defeating a sense of impoverishment (yes, that is a word!), I have the dominion thing down pat. So how does that help? Theoretically, if I have control of outer things it will transform somehow into inner things. The right perspective recognises this connection and enables one to have a balmy outlook in one's finances, relationships, and emotions. If one recognises they have weak muscles, one can transform them by eating better and exercising. But if I recognise I have need in a relationship, do I style my hair different and expect that will make me more acceptable? If I have need in my budget, do I cheat in my checkbook to show a bigger balance and everything will turn out ok? If I am shattered emotionally, do I put a smile on my face and go about the world like there is nothing wrong? I can tell you quickly where that last scenario will get you. The locked ward of a hospital. So to summarize, I will admit that the right perspective on dominion will work in a few instances but is porous as a colander in righting the sinking ship of the needy. (Ya gotta love those mixed metaphors, eh?)

On the day of worship, people of faith gather to hear words from their imam, priest, rabbi, bishop, leader or minister. The vast, vast majority sit, listen, the words washing over them, uncritical. At political rallies the group also waits for those words, baptizing them into the fraternity/sorority of the "cause". Students sit and sponge up their lessons. Mobs take cues from the leaders and respond in an animal way without having taken the time to figure out the purpose, risks, and real outcome from that Molotov cocktail. I suppose it has always been this way. The charasmatic lead the sheep. Well, I'm sorry but my heart just isn't into being sheepish. I have within myself: faith. Faith that I have command and control over the words I am being fed. And if you know what is good for you, you should too.

In case you think I have just contradicted myself, please think again. When that doesn't work, congratulate yourself. You are taking the first steps in taking possession of your mind from the established forces. Contradictions are everywhere. Beware.


occam said...

Ex Post Facto: occam admit, is fallible. Spelled "command" wrong in title of this post. Red face. Especially given the words in this particular post. Hmm. Will learn someday how to make corrections after publishing post.

occam said...

occam have learned how to make corrections in post now. Expect only perfection from now on. Hmm...