Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Pulmonary Palaver

There are often 3 or 4 desert cottontail rabbits hanging around my hay barn door. They clean up the spilled hay because the desert is meager pickings lately. They aren't as scared as rabbits that have less contact with people. So this bunny tonight let me reach as close as 2 feet before he thought better of it and hopped away. I must take my camera tomorrow!

Tonight I am having a shortness of breath but this has happened before. No need to call the paramedics. I'll survive. It just makes it a tad more difficult to write coherently. But if I was always coherent, it would get old fast. The inconsistent is much more dramatic. Our weather has been consistently beautiful lately. But who talks about the weather unless something interesting is happening? I found when I moved here that in Arizona people hardly ever talk about the weather compared to the Northeast where everyone talks about the weather all the time because it is always changing. Maybe I'll be able to report our first frost in November. Or maybe not. We seem to be in a consistent pattern of 70 degree days and cool nights. Normal. Predictable. Isn't it more fun to think I might have a respiratory disorder or a heart problem? Naw, I'm healthy as a horse. Speaking of which, the mare with the sore leg is fine.

I am glad that I have a high pain threshold as well as a high capacity to drink alcohol before appearing drunk. That does me no good though because I don't drink anymore, so... but back to the pain thing. It must be awful to feel every ache and pain vividly. The only possible benefit I can see to that is that one doesn't hurt themselves further if one stops at the first twinge of pain.

The problem of pain is one that theologians and atheists discuss a lot. The best book I'd recommend on universal questions like this is The Question of God by Armand Nicholi. It is about two men and their answers to such deep questions. One is C.S.Lewis, a writer who was a staunch atheist in university who later converted to Christianity. The other is Sigmund Freud, a psychoanalist who was brought up in Judaism and later became an atheist. They never met in person to debate, but what a debate it would have been! The book is very neutral on who had the right answer. So you get to make your own decision. What I find most peculiar is that the atheist Freud had to get his behind out of Vienna before the atheist Nazis got ahold of him for being born a Jew. So Atheists can't decide who is a good atheist and who is a bad one? Why that sounds almost Christian! As in my denomination is better than your denomination! That sounds almost Islamic, as in my Shia (Shi'ite) is better than you Saddam boot lickin' Sunnis! Or did I get that mixed up? Our MSM (Main Stream Media) gives us such good reporting from Iraq, that I can't keep straight who the good guys and the bad guys are. Except OUR GUYS are the best of them all! Hoo-rah!

So my breathing feels a little better now. I must have needed to get some things off my chest, so to speak.

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