Saturday, November 19, 2005

November In America

I have now travelled 2500 miles so far across America. I can tell you this is a big country. And we have so much in common, despite our different accents and different scenery out the window. First, everyone cooks great food. Next, all my friends and relatives have a dog, cat, or a horse, or several of them. One even had a house full of parakeets. And I got to spy on a couple birds mating! Shame on me. So there are things that bind us together, despite our different locales. And I'm not talking about the mating, this is a clean blog!!

The weather has been quite cold, at least compared to what I am used to. There was a 50 degree drop in high daytime temperatures from what I am used to. This is just a lot for the body to take, but I'll adapt. I knew this was going to happen. Just not so suddenly. I even missed a tornado watch by one hour in Oklahoma. Now I've driven in snow, but a tornado is another story. I'll take a winter blizzard or an Arizona dust storm in 100 degree temeratures over a tornado anyday. No I won't be moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma anytime soon!

If this is Saturday, I must be in Pennsylvania. The sun is out. The land is big and strong, will write again, on the road, this is your steadfast reporter, occam, giving you the scoop, on America... and later, Canada.

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