Thursday, November 10, 2005

Want Those Fries Supersized?

We are having record-breaking heat here. Near 90 degrees today and yesterday. Oh boy, I'm going to freeze my gluteus maximus off when I get up north!

I was out of town yesterday and out of sorts the previous days which is why I have not been posting. Sorry to disappoint you .003 people per day who visit this blog hoping for fresh inspiration.

I am thinking of the riots in France and its neighbors. So what did M.Chirac do to the poor immigrant and French-born youth of north African descent? He let them congregate in their own slums. Mind you, many of them wanted to live together, to preserve their "traditions" so they wouldn't be "assimulated" into French culture. No want to join countrymen? Then suffer. Oh no, that would be discrimination! M. Chirac should have joined the coalition fighting in Iraq and sent them there to see what their traditions have wrought. Such as their "brothers" blowing up their "brothers" in crowded marketplaces. Where innocent children are just part of the collateral damage in an insurgency intent upon putting Iraq back into the darkness of the past. One look at that and those poor disaffected youth would feel fortunate to live in a rich, socialist European country with peaceful democratic elections and incredible art, history, culture. Vive la France!

I don't know what the problem is between France and the US. Politics! I enjoy french fries, not freedom fries. And ever since I began to study it in 1966, I've thought French to be the most beautiful sounding language in the world. C'est magnifique! But I will grind on in English because it has more words. We have supersized it.

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