Friday, November 11, 2005

Never Tackle a Skunk

I am still not feeling up to snuff, but I go on because that is what is expected. After all, aren't our heroes those who put on a good face and persist in spite of circumstances? Don't we all want to be just like them? Oh poppycock.

I lost my eyeglasses for about 20 minutes yesterday and turned the house upside down. I found them outdoors. My vision is excellent for about 18 inches and then it drops off precipitously. So if I don't recognise you on the street and I'm not wearing glasses, that is why. Now if I have my glasses on and still don't recognise you, ah, well, I am not a spring chicken. Is that a good excuse? Is that ageism? Yes and yes.

"Those are my principles, and if you don't like them...well, I have others-" Groucho Marx.

I am in the final days of preparation before my cross-continent trek. The vehicle is in top shape except for the jagged crack in the windshield. This is legal in Arizona but I don't know about other states or Canada. Do you suppose I will get a citation and have to get it repaired? Do you know I don't really care? I will persist in spite of circumstances but I don't have to put a good face on it. Some laws are unduly restrictive. That is one reason I love living in the wild, wild west. I don't think you even have to have a windshield in Arizona. What bugs are going to hit you in the face? I never saw a mosquito this past summer. Also, despite driving in rural areas after dark, I've never come close to hitting a deer in the road. It is relaxing to roll on down a dark desert highway, singing along with your favorite CD - I recommend "Hotel California"- and not worrying about 100 to 200 pounds of flesh and bones about to step in front of you and becoming windshield dressing. Although it is not unheard of, right Mrs. L?

To change up the subject a bit, in high country campsites in Arizona there is a frequent nighttime mammalian visitor of the family Mustelidae. It's a large skunk with a wide beautiful white stripe down its back and tail. He wanders around people and their camping equipment looking for stray bits to eat. If the campers are clean, they can just sit and admire his long, lovely hair in the firelight as he noses around, sometimes right under your chair. Alarm is the wrong reaction. Live and let live and you'll be treated to a close up view of one of the forest's most maligned critters. Scent-free and amusing, just calmly enjoy his antics. And you won't get skunked.

Soon it will be cold in the high country though. Suprisingly this state has many opportunities for skiing and snowboarding. It is common in my town in winter for a pick-up driver to go up the mountain and shovel up a load of snow and bring in down to the desert to dump in a yard for play. It has been over a decade since we've had measurable snow here in the neighborhood. Unfortunately it occurred when my brother was visiting from the Northeast, after I had been bragging to him about how warm it was here in winter and no snow. He shovelled a path in the 4 inch accumulation from his motorhome to my front door and came in saying: "It never snows here sister?" Very embarrassing.

I mustelidae end for today. Keep your chin up. Tomorrow will have new circumstances for you to tackle. It will be college football Saturday! Hasta la vista, Baby.

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