Saturday, November 12, 2005

A Pondering Fool

Last Sunday the newspaper headlines were very refreshing. Nothing about the war, nothing about politics, the economy, or crime. The main headline was about the university winning a football game by a wide margin, and the main local headline was about a woman rescuing a dog from a fire. How interesting! Do you think the editors recognised that they were on a break from their normal "We are on the eve of destruction" type of reporting? Probably not. Had to be a freak accident. After that it was back to the war, politics, the economy, and crime. The one day respite was great though. That was one lucky dog!

I found out there are audio books on-line that one can download for free. Of course these are old books but one can never have too many oldies but goodies. I downloaded one and burned it onto 3 CD's that I can listen to in my car while whiling away the hours as I drive cross-continent. Wish I had discovered this earlier so I could be listening to more classics. I may have gray hair but I am not afraid to embrace new technology. Too bad few of my friends are very tech savvy. Most often I have to figure this stuff out on my own and things drive me (more) crazy. Like how do I correct something in a blog post that I've already published??? I have fun anyway.

My doctor doesn't know I am going on this long trip. I wouldn't want to scare him. But I'll be ok. Isn't there a saying that God protects fools and puppy dogs? I'm too big to be mistaken for a puppy dog. I'll tell the doc when I get home, "Oh by the way, I just drove 6000 miles or so." It is just something I have to do before I die. Surely that day is coming.

Today I ruminated on faith. This does not have anything to do with cows or other cud-chewing animals. Rather I thought more about my experience of faith. Anyone can believe in and study Marco Polo, Genghis Khan, or Jesus Christ. But I have a connection with the latter that comes to mind when I see a herd of cattle grazing, or admire the vast world that Marco explored and Genghis conquered. It is too much for my little mind to grasp that all we behold is the result of mutations of tiny genes that we'll never see, occurring over vast expanses of time that we cannot comprehend. I can hear the scientists out there howling. But until they make evolution as rock solid as the claims of the Son of God on earth did 2000 years ago, hey, I'm gonna go the God route. It is the simpler explanation or my name isn't occam. Chew on that if you have any teeth left.

And what if Pat Robertson says that Dover, PA may be in for trouble because they voted out the school board members who backed the teaching of intelligent design? Didn't a hurricane nearly wipe off the map a city known for voodoo? It has happened before but now it probably won't because God doesn't need to "play" God. He is. But would it really get people to think if something did happen to Dover? Not likely because the non-spiritual have hardened their hearts toward the things of the spirit. For those willing to open their minds though, it is so rewarding. Again I remind you of Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis. Freud died alone. His choice. And his words coldly live after him. In contrast, when the author of the Narnia Chronicles died, Great Britain wept. Go to see "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" when it opens on Dec 9th in theatres. Would you rather have as a neighbor: C.S.Lewis, who invented Aslan the lion, or Freud who invented the technique of explaining your problems as a sexual issue from your childhood? I don't have to ponder that question very long.

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Thanks for your comment and good luck on the cross country drive.