Monday, October 31, 2005

A Common Touch

The master farrier, occam's better half, put horseshoes on the old gelding today. He is ridden lightly as he has seen 25 years. While being worked on, his mate was fretful and pranced about her corral, worried over being left alone. Until she finally slipped and fell, hurting her hind leg. We aren't sure how serious it is yet. When you have animals, it is always something. They are as bad as children.

There is another Supreme Court nominee. Poor Harriet was harried into withdrawing. We'll never know what kind of judge she would've made. Now we will learn about Samuel Alito. And the Republic churns on...

Tonight is halloween. Sometimes I wish I could be scared. My favorite meat is heart. How scary is that?

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I will spend less this year. (See yesterday's posting.) Too bad I'm not talented at making crafts. I'm envious of people who give homemade gifts. I can write. Want a poem? Not mine I'm sure. I have one to post tomorrow. It is fitting for the season of lessening daylight.

You may wonder why all my blog links are doctors. Why not? They are articulate, often funny, and cover human experience like no other professional can.

I will now explain why our place is called The Double Barrel Ranch. When we first saw the raw land in 1987 we found two very chummy barrel cacti growing together. When we moved here in 1988 we brought some of our belongings in two old fashioned wooden barrels. And we each had a double barrel shotgun. That was enough for me to see it was a natural name. Today the original barrel cacti are gone but others have sprung up to continue the tradition. In fact, we have two double barrel cacti here. Contrary to myth, one cannot get water to drink from cutting open a barrel cactus. They are just fine, plump, barbed green cactus with outstanding flowers and bright yellow fruits. If you must eat something from a cactus, eat its fruit. Lots of goo and seeds, fiber, good for you.

I've really cranked out the mundane today. Nothing cosmic on my mind. Pardonnez-moi. Nil desperandum. Be patient, occam will return, better than ever.

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