Monday, October 17, 2005

Tighten up

I've been with the same cell phone company since they started. They are a regional company. I always had great service and a great price from them. Now they've been bought out by Verizon and I have to switch to them in order to get a free phone, but I also will be paying a lot more for a single line than I was paying for 2 phones with the old company. And there is a 2 year contract. A multi-national company is like an octopus. Once they got you, they got you. And you are bound to pay for their slick TV ads. Can you hear me now? If I didn't travel outside my own town so often, I'd stick their fancy phone where the sun don't shine. Oops! Almost forgot this blog is rated for all audiences.

The Iraqis voted on their new constitution. To the consternation of the Muslim fascist terrorists, it seems that Iraqis like the idea of voting with real choices (unlike under Saddam where everyone voted for Saddam.) I am sure the voting system is not perfect. Is ours? (think- hanging chads in Florida). But to paraphrase what someone famous once said: Democracy isn't the best form of government, but it is better than anything else we've come up with.

Heard a discussion of charitable donating fatigue yesterday. There are so many needy people in the world simultaneously that the normally generous are saying "Whoa" we can't give anymore. A lady actually said she would have to start thinking about not buying her morning latte from Starbucks in order to have extra cash to donate for the earthquake victims in Pakistan or the mudslide vistims in Guatamala. Oh please. My heart goes out to you lady! Especially since I am still able to walk and talk and I have never been in a Starbucks. And I love coffee. (Just ask my cousin.) So I don't want to hear about charity fatigue. Unless you are going to take me out for a Starbucks! Not!

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