Friday, October 21, 2005


I have a suggestion for a newspaper headline. Concerning the woman who threw her 3 children off the end of a pier to drown: Mentally Ill Woman Gives Mentally Ill a Bad Name. Then an eminent psychiatrist should be interviewed about his overwhelmingly benign patients and how such behavior is rarely found. The general public is often fed spectacular stories for their shock value. Whereas your garden-variety non-conforming individual never makes a scene; yet suffers the stigma from the media's delight in publicizing the extremes.

The Double Barrel Ranch has horses but no grazing pasture. It is too dry and occam have no water well. So every 5 or 6 weeks I have to go buy a load of hay. I dread the day I go to buy and find the price hiked due to the cost of fuel to harvest the crop. I won't blame the farmer who has to make his little profit. But I can't help be a little suspicious of the oil companies who seem to be making record profits. There have been crooks in every generation and I am beginning to believe that Big Oil is front and center right now. Big Pharma has been edged out for the time being.

So how has life been treating me lately? Well, I woke up this morning. That is what my Dad always used to say. Actually I am starting to believe I have been given a "present" and it is up to me to decide what my attitude toward it is going to be. Today I employed procrastination as I am wont to do. I have the "deer in the headlights" look on my face when I realise it is 2005. This isn't quite what I expected to be doing at this stage in my life. You probably have not guessed that "procrastination" is the word for the day, I so proficiently wove it into this text. I have no excuse. Qui s'excuse s'accuse.

No being can predict the future. Sorry all you fortune tellers and tarot card readers and pollsters. So when I wake tomorrow I will have no preconceived expectations. The day will either be good, bad, or both. Whatever comes it will have to be lived. Or else you won't have this blogger to kick around any more!

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