Sunday, October 23, 2005

Fistful of Dollars

Today I listened to a lecture about poverty. He stated that poverty is an attitude of mind. And that the poverty mindset can be on the rich as well as the poor. I can see his point. But I also know that poverty is a choice for the rich and not always decision by the poor. Or the sick. One can decide in their mind that they are rich in the things that are eternal but still have hunger pains. One can have a mindset that claims they are strong but still have hours to live. In the Bible, Matthew writes that it rains on the righteous and the unrighteous. Well, no kidding. For example, one the winners of the Lottery the other day was a man with a net worth of over a million dollars. I can imagine that is me, but my credit card company knows the truth. And truth is always truth. Unless you are wealthy, then you make your own truth, as long as you retain wealth and influence. Power does corrupt. And with that power and wealth you can influence the mindset of a lot of folks. Poverty can take away your ability to choose wisely. Poverty can take away your desire to choose. Sickness can alter your mindset so much that one cannot even see there is a choice. I am going to give this preacher a chance to prove his theory in future episodes. But as one of the millions of Americans living beyond my means, I want to know how I can learn to be rich when I know that huge boulder (debt) is about to crush the living daylights out of me.

That being said, as I sit here at my expensive computer that I paid cash for, what else do I want to squawk about? Well, I am not enjoying the dispute I am having with my health insurance company. They loudly proclaim all these procedures that they will pay for 100% and when you are not looking they charge you for this or that. An uncritical customer would just pay the amount due, thinking that they are a big company and must be right. Then there is occam. Occam no like paying extra when not liable. Occam prefer we all play fair. Even if have to go through 6 menus on phone call to big insurance company and three people who have to consult their supervisors. Once they billed me $500 and after a few phone calls and a few weeks, they admitted I was only required to pay $10. Oops! Only a $490 mistake! Luckily occam not so sick that cannot see that big companies often make big mistakes. I question everything. Maybe I have a future as a consumer advocate.

I am going to try to add more links to my blog here so you can check out my favorite bloggers. Right now I only have Dr. Sanity listed. She is a conservative writer who is always on top of the news. But I have other doctors to recommend that each have their unique worldviews. None of them have a poverty mindset, that is for sure.

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