Saturday, October 15, 2005

Mid-October Musings

October is turning out to be a beautiful month here, weather-wise. End of weather report.
I am an expositor. No circumlocation in my writing. Ah ha! The word for the day: circumlocation: speaking in a roundabout way. Not me! I go straight to the poop of it, I mean the heart of it. Yep, the straight heart, er, straight poop, ah whatever... Also no cuss words in my blog. Suitable for any age audience. Unless you can't understand words with more than two syllables. Then you'll be up a crick without an oar, or paddle, or is it creek? My goodness, what did I have for supper? It was strictly vegetarian tonight, no dead animals of any kind. My alfalfa-fed horses would be proud of me. They all got a pet from me today. All 5 of them. Due to the cooler weather the flies are dropping off in number. And we really had few mosquitoes this summer because it was just too dry. Horses are growing their winter coats and are soft touches right now. One of my very un-vegetarian dogs did a horrifying thing today though. She caught a quail and ate the whole thing. Ick! We have a wild flock of quail that come into our backyard every day for seed we sprinkle about for them. About twice a year, a quail makes a fatal error of judgment and comes within tooth range of one of my 2 mongrels that look like Dalmatians. I am under no illusions that nature is all flowers and sweetness. The bear that my husband "harvested" will not be eating deer fawns. We are the top of the food chain. Long live the whitetail deer!
I promise to write better in future postings. It is just that Notre Dame lost their football game in the last 3 seconds of the game. And I am all bummed out. I went to a Catholic elementary school and a small private college that used to be run by the Catholics so I've always had a soft spot for the Big Catholic University. Besides they are known as the Fighting Irish and who can't be inspired by that nickname? And I'm not even Irish. Although I like the Irish. The economy of Ireland is doing better than the US economy. Shamrocks are pretty. Corned beef and cabbage are delicious. And green is my favorite color. So there! Expository prose, no circumlocation. Gotcha!

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