Friday, October 28, 2005

Dissolved. Unresolved.

Today I browsed my favorite blogs and found one to be highly hilarious. In part of the posting for today at Via Negativa, there is a quote from which I will quote a part, just so you can get a flavor of it: "...all dogmatic assumptions are dissolved by the inner self production of reason..." Now that is sharp thought, eh? Makes you want to go out and ask your friends if they agree? Actually I think somebody drank a thesaures for breakfast, with something illegal dissolved in it. My inner self production doesn't dissolve anything without coffee. And my dogma maintains a pure doctrine of whoever gets to the bird first gets to eat it. Then the dogma assumes the meat, bones, feet and feathers into its own being through gastric juices. Which becomes a satisfying inner production for him. Yes, I love to read blogs. Never know what treasures you might find.

Halloween is a conumdrum for me. Fundamentalist Christians do not find it an appropriate thing to celebrate due to its relationship to witches and satan. The Mexican Catholics seriously celebrate the day of the dead and even go to cemetaries to decorate tombstones. The northeastern US (as I remember) is awash in young trick or treaters who are just out for candy and couldn't care less about pagan origins. I am not one to promote evil things. Damnation does not interest me. Nor does it please me to disappoint children who desire candy and can learn a lot about dressing up and pretend and reality. I don't know how this can be resolved. I am glad I have no children to decide for. I hate hanging chads.

After wrapping my dogmatic assumptions in a water proof cover, I'll slink off into a dark cafe for recharging my self production.

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