Friday, October 14, 2005

The measure of me

I will apoligize in advance to all my non-USA readers that all my temperatures will be in degrees Farenheit, all elevations in feet, and distances in miles. This is because the USA school system barely mentions that other countries use another system and I am too lazy to learn it at my advanced age. Chortle chortle. I live at 3,170 feet above sea level, am 7 miles from town, and it is a lovely 76 degrees F outside, calm, dry and sunny. What the heck am I doing sitting at my keyboard then? I am a neurotic writer I guess. There could be worse things you know. I could be an erotic writer. Probably make a lot of money. But then I wouldn't be able to sleep at night. Or I could be a platonic writer. But then I'd put all my readers to sleep. Same as if I was an ergonomic writer. OTOH (this is a short cut that bloggers use that stands for On The Other Hand) OTOH I could be a supersonic writer. No one would be able to catch up with me then. Or a graphic writer but then half of you would stop reading because you don't want to hear about how my better half (occam's husband) is really expert at butchering dead animals. So I think I am safe being a neurotic writer and let's keep it at that. Most of you know what I mean when I say neurotic. Nothing bad. It is just that how many of you would be as excited as I am that I learned not to exacerbate my reader's pain by having long posts because my "word for the day" today is exacerbate. Yes, your vocabulary with grow along with moi as you read my blog. Isn't that wonderful? (I also know some other languages, so all you folks who took high school French, Spanish, and German... be ready to dust off your cerebra because multi lingual is fun!) (Cerebra is plural for cerebrum, of which we all have under our dura mater which is under your skull people.) But I digress. All part of being neurotic I claim. Did I warn you that this blog could contain sarcasm, wit, paradox, eccentricity, nonsense and twaddle? Oh but I repeat myself. It will all come out in future postings. As well as the sublime, the splendid, and the flow of life as I see it, here in the desert. Keep tuned.

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