Saturday, February 11, 2006

Fat Girl

To briefly relate the story of Nia, she was a beautiful 17 year old girl suddenly afflicted with auditory hallucinations. Her life stopped functioning. Schizophrenia is no respecter of persons. Finally under the care of a young psychiatrist, she was able to be free of those voices that tormented her. But she gained 42 pounds in 3 weeks. And the psychiatrist was worried about her apparent lack of worry over her changed appearance. He felt his treatment was a failure because she was no longer a sexy young thing and she didn't care! Can you imagine, he put her body shape ahead of the restoring of her mind? And he was worried that she wasn't worried about it? Who is more sane here?

Psychoactive drugs that cause weight gain are very common. In addition, doctors find that the patients cannot just get on a treadmill and lose weight. The US is getting obsessed with obesity. This young psychiatirst who is putting his eyes on a comely youth and seeing his pills turn her into less than his ideal, well, it is quite sickening. He needs to get married or buy an inflatable doll or something. And stop putting his need to preserve beauty ahead of preserving the sanity of his patients. Nia's story is that if her doctor was treating an old crone, he wouldn't give a second thought to her weight gain. Prejudice of age, prejudice of body shape. He needs his head examined.

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