Sunday, February 12, 2006


Valentine's Day is coming soon, gentlemen. Lest you forget who rubs your back!

My brother tells me that he will shortly begin to seriously look for a girlfriend, now that the gift-giving holidays will be past. Crafty fellow.

Love is a very complicated thing. I'd quote a clever line from Shakespeare if I could remember any. He was rather taken by the myriad faces of love. Romeo & Juliet, etc.

I wish I could write about love, rather than the lack of it. But negative emotions are more powerful for the consumers of today. What is popular on TV? Crime, repairing bodies, dissecting bodies to find the criminal. Where is the love? If an ad agency were to suggest a campaign featuring people handing a soft drink to one another which promotes peace and harmony, it would never get off the drawing board. The Real Thing in 2006 is blood and sex and fast cars skidding. The theme of the Torino Olympics is Fire & Ice. Everything is so passionate. Passion without love. It drains our souls while it takes our energy. Leaving behind broken people. If we wise up fast enough, we can strive to love more in life. That would be a most valuable heritage for our children.

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