Saturday, February 11, 2006

Minor Cartoon, Now Major Problem

There is some speculation in the blogosphere that at least some of the Danish cartoons that have caused all this uproar may have been penned by Moslems themselves to inflame anti-western sentiment. It has to do with how the alphabet is written. Arabic is written right to left, whereas some of the letters in Danish which would be written left to right, appear to be written backwards - or by someone who wrote Arabic before they learned the Danish method of writing. Hmm. This could be very sad for the families of those rioters who may have died over a hoax. It is already sad because if they hadn't made an issue of it, nobody would have seen these truly amateurish cartoons, and they wouldn't have to be offended. In this case, what the world doesn't see, can't hurt it. But because they have made it a celebrated cause, the whole world has tuned in to see the insulting cartoons. And now, the Moslems are hurt. Oh Jesus, what a tangle our world is today.

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