Saturday, February 04, 2006


How could this be February 4th already? My cottonwood tree is opening catkins already. After a long 2 week winter slumber after the last leaves of 2005 finally fell. This has been the winter that wasn't. There sure as heck hasn't been any rain.

The other important event of the week that I forgot to mention in the post on "The Week" was the retirement of Alan Greenspan. Such a prophetic name as his tenure as chairman of the Federal Reserve saw quite an expansion of the greenback. He has an aptronym, a name that is especially suited to one's profession. I once tried to fulfill that definition. But I had trouble with calculus, gram molecules and plain cerebral edema due to actually being in college, little ol' me!

Someone close to me commented that reading my blog was like reading someone's daydream. I believe I do often write as if in reverie; however, sometimes I can be down to earth. But what fun is that? More fun to audaciously bob and flail at the castles in the sky. Then everyone can admit without fear that they don't know what I am talking about and everyone can go to bed dissolved of responsibility. Hi ho! Hi ho! It's off to Oz we go!

There was a boy who grew up fascinated with knights, chivalry and medieval history. He wished he had lived in the times of armor and swords. A TV ad showing a Marine climbing a vertical rock caught his eye. At the top the Marine came to attention with a sword. The boy enlisted and found that women liked uniforms. But these were no ladies-in-waiting. Then he was sent to fight the Saracens. They didn't come out in the open charging on desert horses though. These were modern warriors. He didn't take a spear in his leg, but shrapnel. Now he is a web designer in Denver. He is a gallant of modern America. He will let his wife go shopping while he watches the Super Bowl. The modern equivalent of knights clashing. His sword is a knife to spread the mayo on his gametime sandwich. They didn't have mayo in the Middle Ages.

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