Sunday, February 05, 2006

One Small Step

A member of my family was baptized today. I find it hard to explain baptism to those who have not experienced it. I find it harder to explain why some people are baptized again and again. I was sprinkled as a baby. I was brought up strictly in the doctrine of my church. Then as a teen I rejected it. At least outwardly. Being religious was not cool. You'd never get laid. Ahem! But many years have gone by since those days of flash and wonder. Or was that flesh and wander? Whatever. Today I watched a baptism. Water washes away impurities. Watching the baptism of Jesus, John the Baptist saw that the man was the Messiah. We can only baptize with water for the forgiveness of sin. But the Messiah came and died to pay the final price for man's sin. Our efforts are weak. Water takes centuries to wear away the stone. Washing, washing. But we can draw nearer to our Saviour by submitting to baptism of our own free choice. Yes, it almost seems futile. But people need the outward signs to demonstrate the inward change. So we show the world. Yes, I , like Jesus, was baptized. I am weak, but I can take a step closer to God. A wash here, a wash there. It is obvious we need it. It is very cool. I watched a baptism today.

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