Thursday, February 16, 2006


I have made 75 posts to this blog now since October and I've never wrote about hunting. I have a valid 2006 Arizona hunting license. I enjoy wild meat and it does not have hormones, or anti-biotics floating around in it. It takes healthy exercise to procure wild meat. My freezer has squirrel, rabbit, deer and bear meat in it at this time. All are low in cholesterol and fat compared to beef, chicken and pork. We didn't get any Quail this year. When hunting quail with other hunters it is important to not get beyond the imaginary line in front of the moving hunters. This sometimes happens because people get excited, confused, forgetful or are just plain stupid. I don't know what Mr. Whittington was, but the Vice-President did shoot him. By Accident, for God's sake. The press is blowing this up like some sort of mortal sin. But the press's worst complaint? That the news broke from a small newspaper and not from the White House. Good grief, this was not international news! It was on personal time and involved people just on vacation out enjoying the wilderness.

I think I'd feel pretty bad if I accidently shot someone. But being peppered with birdshot is not the end of the world. It is more dangerous to jaywalk in Washington DC than go quail hunting with the VP.

So now I'm going to go cook up some venison. I appreciate my liberty to pursue wild game. My body does too.

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