Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Showing the Way

Interested in genealogy? Care to know about your ancestors? I did a 7 generation family tree when I was in college. At that time there were no members of the 7th, 6th, and 5th generations. Now the 4th generation is all gone. I am in the oldest generation now. Anyone who lives long enough will get there. One member of my generation was born in 1922. I am the second youngest and have a good chance of being one of the last to be alive. Unless I undertake some dangerous sport, like skydiving, cliff diving, or reforming social security.

The president gave his State of the Union speech tonight. I like to watch the show. Justice Alito was there just a few hours after he took his seat on the Supreme Court. Ted Kennedy was there trying to look bored. Hillary was there trying not to look interested when the President mentioned Bill. Laura Bush was there beaming with pride. There was even a German Shepherd dog in the audience (former Air Force canine.) Who can't love a show that includes a heroic dog? It is the Chinese "year of the dog" now you know.

The first month of 2006 is over in a few hours. The glass is 1/12th empty. I'm still thirsty.

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