Saturday, January 28, 2006

Advanced Sight

I got new eyeglasses yesterday and am having a trial getting used to them. They are progressive lenses. I don't feel very progressive trying to read something with my glasses that I can see perfectly well without them. But if I just keep telling myself that I'm being progressive...

In a book I am reading about 5 generations of a family, some members are lost in the holocaust. One man who was a dentist put down in his "papers" that he was a doctor. So he was spared. Those who were more elaborative, got the death camp. Such small details our lives can revolve around. A half a second here, a half a second there. I was impressed by the movie "The Pianist". A lot of close calls there. (And great music by the way.) I think a lot of people are skeptical of these near brushes with life changing events. But then I see the automobile accidents I have barely avoided. And wonder what else has happened to me that was almost avoided but happened, or that was avoided and would have changed everything. In this I am not a skeptic. Life is a tip-toe across a slippery roof. One tip and life is changed forever. Will I see it coming?

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