Monday, January 09, 2006

Alive or Let Die

Watch these movies of the Roman times with the soldiers dressed in their armor. During battle the film director has them stabbing at chest mail, cutting off limbs, bonking each other in the helmet. Makes great Hollywood.

If it was me? Go for the throat. One slash and the enemy has no blood going to their brain, no windpipe. I'd have made a great Gladiator. Hear that Russell Crowe? I haven't seen any Roman movies lately either. I simply think, it's too easy to kill a person.

These modern terrorists think they are so hot, planting roadside bombs, killing at a distance. Or walking into a police station and offing a bunch of fellow Iraqis with that belt around your waist. How easy.

It is saving lives that is tough, that is heroic. Every caretaker that saves a life will get at least 72 virgins in heaven. Although I can't really say that having a virgin is such a grand reward. And the older I get, the more ridiculous it will seem.

Killing has been the same old story since Cain and Abel, but life-saving is getting better and better.

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