Sunday, January 22, 2006


Lamb was on the menu for dinner tonight. It was delicious.

I used to raise sheep. For meat. Stray dogs and coyotes worried me. None were ever lost to canines, but I worried none the less. Sheep are, well, sheepish. Someday I'd like to have them again. But with better secuity, like a sheep guarding dog.

People are a lot like sheep. We respond to the direction of the crowd. We don't want to be singled out. Things that go bump in the night scare us. In the end, we die. But hopefully we have left a legacy. An improvement in the flock.

Some lambs are born to reclining ewes, but I had some lambs dropped by standing mothers. Their first intro to the world is a free fall and a splash. Sometimes I think some people were born like that. Senator Ted Kennedy for instance. He dares to attack the morals of Samuel Alito. Does he think that everyone has forgotten about that dark night on Chappaquiddick? I can try to understand the people of Massachusetts electing that man to Congress. Perhaps it has something to do with the aura of the Kennedys, their money. People wanting to hold onto Camelot. Nobody wants to abandon the ideals of JFK, of RFK. The liberal flock had their heyday with them. Things that go bump in the night scare us, so we don't think about them. Sorry Mary Jo Kopechne. Sorry Judge Alito.

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