Sunday, January 01, 2006

What was that I said?

Mon Dieu, I made it to another year. Will wonders never cease?

If I can stay alert long enough I will write a decent post tonight. But basically today I was in mourning for the waning NFL and college seasons. No other sport fascinates me more than football. I can't understand why they call baseball the thinking man's game. I see a lot more strategy moving 22 men around a gridiron for 3 hours. I hope Brett Favre doesn't retire. Although he won the final game, the year was a terrible disappointment for the Green Bay Packers. Sports are a necessary diversion in modern life. Someone has to stay in shape! It certainly isn't your average American with our ever expanding waistlines.

The cell phone bill arrived from my new wireless company. It was written in Swahili or something. Remember I am college educated, but I couldn't make out half of their credits, charges, surcharges, etc. I don't know anyone who reads Swahili, which is probably a very nice language, so I will pay the amount that I guess is what I owe and see if it all turns out ok in the end.

After writing out the full year since '99 (i.e. 2000, 2001, 2002, etc.), I think I am now comfortable enough to start writing '06. Call it the prejudice of someone who lived too much of their life in the 20th century. It just looked peculiar to have an aught in front of the year abbreviation. Since it's been 6 years, I have gotten over it. See? An old dog can learn new tricks.

Today, just standing in the sun, one of my horses was sweating a little. He has a good winter coat but we have no winter this year. I am not complaining. Just observing.

So the first day of '06 comes to a close and I am no smarter for it. Better try harder tomorrow. Can't keep bleeding these brain cells or I might forget how to live. What was that I said?

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