Friday, January 20, 2006

Tip of the Day

The credit card company had some lame excuse for the $1.56 finance charge and finally said I didn't have to pay it. I made sure I used $1.56 worth of the person's time complaining about the charge.

There was a sad report in today's paper about the lack of knowledge current university and college grads are exhibiting. One example they used was their inability to figure out the amount of money to leave as a tip in a restaurant. Another was being able to balance a checkbook. These are our best and our brightest? I think I'll start a Nigerian sweepstakes fraud and go after alumni from this year's class. No wonder we are such easy marks. Wake up America!

Recently I had an eye exam. For some reason I kept cracking jokes through the whole process. The impression I gave that doctor is that I am a light-hearted soul. How changeable feelings are! Emotions come and go. People who harbor bad attitudes carry a cloud with them that is so familiar that they may not realise it can be changed. Ever hear of familiar spirits? Refocusing one's life away from that heavy, damaging baggage is hard to do. Recognising the enemy is the first step.

Mayor Ray Nagin apologised for saying New Orleans should be a chocolate city again. I wonder what college he went to. And does he leave at least a 15% tip?

I bought a new book to read. It is about 5 generations of a Polish-Jewish family, including the Holocaust experience. Of course the president of Iran does not believe the Holocaust occurred. I bet he can't balance his checkbook either.

Generally I am no longer the light-hearted soul I was, but I can have vacations from the black cloud and writing helps me go there. Thank you dear reader for your time today.

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