Monday, January 09, 2006

Science and Adam

Science tells us that if one moves faster than the speed of light, that time begins to go in reverse. So if you leave home at noon, once you start moving faster and faster, the clock will turn to 11:59, 11:58. etc. It then follows that eventually the lunch you ate prior to leaving will not yet have sprouted in the fields, and the dairy cow that slice of cheese came from was not yet born. As you speed up faster, your parents will not have been born yet, and the ice age will still have North America in its' grip. Faster and faster you go and dinosaurs are eating each other. But to you it is still Monday afternoon. Is this how one can explain that the first man was Adam, a few hundred centuries ago, yet there was a long history to earth prior to the creation of the human being? Far be it from me to say that God, who created time and the speed of light, did not use these scientific facts to position his prize creation, us, in recent history. Not swinging down from the trees and bipedalling. I am too tired to go further into this tonight, but I just thought I'd throw that out there for anyone to try and get their head around if they are feeling bored.

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