Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Galloping in Fog

For me the most frustrating verse in the bible is found in I Cor 13:12 - "For now we see through a glass darkly..." That is the KJV because it is more poetic than the more modern translations. If you wear glasses you know what it is like to try to see through a smudge. Or if the windshield of your motor vehicle gets splashed. Or your TV has dust on it. You just know that things are clearer out there but you can't quite see that good. I just know things are going to get clearer but there isn't anyway to get there from here. Very frustrating, like I said.

I am switching my membership from the NRA to to AHA. I still like my 2nd Amendment right to keep & bear arms, but I am tired of the politics for now. Let someone else support the activists. The AHA is the Arabian Horse Association. I used to belong years ago. I know I own a Thoroughbred in addition to my 4 Arabs, but that doesn't exclude me from the club. My Arabs are much more people-oriented than the TB. I've read that the bedouin brought their horses into their tents with them in the desert. I can believe that. Some old timers used to refer to a cold night spent in the open as a three-dog-night, with 3 dogs curled around them for warmth. How much nicer to have one soft horse to cuddle up to on those starry, cold nights in the desert of Arabia. By the way, I used to love the music of Three Dog Night. Can't remember what year their music was on the charts. A long, long time ago.

I observed an interesting phenomenon of the hair coat of my horses. The ones who spent their youth in places where winter was cold, continue to grow longish winter hair, and those raised with mild winters grow a shorter coat. So if you live in Minnesota, don't buy a horse born in Phoenix unless you are prepared with horse blankets.

Well, today I am traveling to the city again. Forecast is for 71 degrees. Gee, not even a one horse day.

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