Thursday, January 26, 2006

Chasing After The Wind

There is no denying that nature abhors a vacuum. Just look at weeds. The push of life is everywhere. Instinct drives animals to reproduce. Plants produce millions of seeds after their kind. Life is found in the arctic and thousands of feet under the sea. I read recently that there are more living organisms in desert soil than in moister areas. My guess is that they have to be there, in a state of suspended animation almost, but always ready for that drop of moisture to spring to life. And since that moisture is so sporadic, they have to be everwhere in order to have the best chance to survive. On the other hand, there is entropy. Things are always moving toward more disorder. Everything born will die, rot, become less organized than they were as a living thing. So what is nature? Trying hard to live or trying hard to die? It's all meaningless. Read all about it in Ecclesiastes.

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