Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Off Key

Yesterday it was 75 degrees in the city and I sat outside and ate ice cream again. This is turning into a non-winter. As long as the wildfire season doesn't obliterate Arizona, I guess it is a good thing: lower heating bills.

I drink moderate amounts of strong coffee. Sometimes I make herbal tea at night. There have been so many claims and counter-claims over whether these beverages are good for you or not. One could go nuts trying to follow the latest reports. I will continue to drink coffee and tea. It relaxes me!

One of my horses has a sore foot. My farrier husband is taking care of it. The source of the infection is an error made by a farrier we hired to shoe this horse. The old saying is true: if you want it done right, do it yourself. So far his bad back is holding up to the rigors of bending that a horseshoer needs to do. Then again, this is only one foot.

I've heard that President Bush authorized domestic telephone taps without requiring a court order. I understand that court orders are not that onerous to procure. If I am being spied upon, I at least want 2 branches of government to agree to do it, not an all-powerful executive branch. That is why we have 3 branches of government. To keep the power spread around. This is a big boo-boo Mr. President. And this is an opinion from a red-stater.

Last night on the TV show "House", a bizarre medical case was investigated. A man suffered from aphasia. When he wanted to say "I'm cold" -what came out of his mouth was more like "Eggplants are purple." It sounds just too funny but I can see where dealing with this would be incredibly frustrating. It would be like the sleigh rocks over the corny Caesar. Just makes me want to choke on my dark roast Columbian while holding up two branches of the Republic in the bright sunlight. Sometimes I get foot in keyboard disorder. See "Lewis Carroll."

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