Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Latest News

A northern bottle-nosed whale swam up the Thames River to London, presumably to see what he could see. But he didn't get out alive. The Thames is tidal but not salt water. It's another mystery for the marine biologists to solve.

In news from Italy today, Luigi is suing Rev. Enrico because the good father is deceiving people by teaching that Jesus of Nazareth really lived. And deceit is against the law in Italy. Old Luigi and Father Enrico have a long history, having been schoolmates as boys, so methinks the atheist has an ulterior motive here. Since he doesn't believe in an afterlife, he wants to get what he can before he kicks the can? Both men are in their 70's. So Americans are not the only people in the world who are sue-happy. How refreshing.

I've never had a problem believing that Jesus really lived and breathed and walked the earth. Moslems even admit it. Hell, even Satan himself admits it. The big stumbling stone is whether he was divine. There are a lot of opinions on that. I choose to believe. I bet my immortal soul on it.

The cacti are drying up in the Arizona desert. Imminently we will break the record for consecutive days without rain. The weather has been great, if you don't need water to live. Most other deserts are drier than the Sonoran Desert. So our cacti are not used to a drought this long.

This week a national home improvement store opened up here. Tremendous excitement for my small town. The site used to be a cotton field. Cotton is easier to grow elsewhere. Here the farmers have to depend too much on government subsidies. And the water? Well, I have to think that the retail store will use as much as the cotton did, so no savings there. One of the things they sell there: plants.

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