Thursday, January 12, 2006


I need more art in my life. On my walls I have 2 original oils, family pictures and calendars. When I was young I hung posters. Usually something like Vincent Van Gogh, or other impressionists.

I think I need more horse art. My girlfriends all have horse pictures. Hey, I've got a horse themed toilet paper dispenser, does that count? No? Maybe?

I do have a sign along my driveway warning visitors that this is a horse ranch. People keep forgetting we use electric fence wire so we just put up a sign warning about that. Danger Danger! A friend in Wisconsin says her state requires a liability sign at homes with horses to inform humans that horses and humans together can become accidents. The horse usually wins. Duh.

I'd like to have a sign in my bathroom that says 5 minute parking.

There are no parking meters in my town. This is a big plus in its favor.

The main post office has huge murals of pioneer life here. They're antique.The post office building is the tallest building in town. It has 3 stories.

I have a new antique clothes scrubber hanging above my side-loading clothes washer. Does that qualify as art?

I want to get a horse collar to hang on the wall. It could act as a frame. For art. Or maybe just a picture of my double barrels. The cactus not the shotguns!

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