Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Lure of Things

Mayor Ray Nagin says he wants New Orleans to be chocolate again. I say, what is wrong with chocolate and vanilla swirl? Best of both worlds.

I'm attempting to learn a couple software programs by reading a book about them and working tutorials. The problem with that is you are supposed to know what the definition of words are and where to find things to click on. Such as: "choose it from the files of type drop down list." Huh? What is a file of type? Where is it? All this takes an enormous amount of time. My husband thinks he is widowed. Help, I've fallen into a software pit and I can't get up! Send the drop down list so I can climb out!

Ebay has cast it's lure my way again and I'm bidding on a couple things. I can't help myself. I just love to get things in the mail. The biggest thing I ever won on eBay was a children's saddle. My grandkids use it. It's perfect. And I got it at a fair price.

When I was in high school I studied Horticulture. Thought I might go to college and study landscape design. Instead, I just enjoy plants around my property and in the house. Currently I'd like to find a plant called "Crown of Thorns" which is a houseplant that evidently can live outdoors here in summer quite nicely. Euphorbia milii now comes in a variety of flower colors due to the work of horticulturists. A lot of houseplants are grown in Southeast Asia and shipped to the US for sale. Cripes we can't even grow our own poseys cheap enough, they are outsourced. Wherever they come from, a house is not a home without plants. At the very least, they make a conversation piece.

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