Friday, January 06, 2006

My Trinity

I'm back after a few days absence due to a medication problem. All is solved, for this few minutes at least.

I know a couple women who lived in Nazi Germany. For me, it brings up the issue of the trinity: God, Country, and Family. In that order. The Nazi's put country above God. The Palestinians have put country above God. The Moslem Fanatics have put 72 virgins above God. The peaceniks have put family above country. The Asian entreprenuers have put money ahead of God, Country and Family. PETA has put nothing ahead of the welfare of our animal friends. Whereas a dog is smart enough to put everything behind being loyal to its' human owner. The American government is supposed to be "under God." And that is where I'd like it to stay, even if it offends the minority in this country who believe in no God. I don't believe in UFO's and Space Aliens, but I don't mind it being part of the culture. Let's stop being so PC and get on with life. Under God, loving our country, and embracing our family. Even the members who are not so nice. They won't get nicer if you are not an example of good family to them. Maybe I should have wrote this before the holidays when many people got together with their families.

So let's all take a deep breath and start again. Coal mining is dangerous. People make mistakes. Sharon of Israel may or may not be suffering due to the will of God. And we have to get rid of the death penalty before any more "mistakes" are made. Executing criminals puts country above God. And for gosh sakes, watch what you gamble, don't put your greed above your family! Today's speech over.

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